Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Review

Grilling and enjoying well-cooked food using the traditional charcoal or gas grill is awesome but has many limitations. For example, such grills can only be used outdoors because of the smoke emitted.

However, as technology continues to advance, new cookware that integrates convenience, ease of use and efficiency brings the grill right inside your house. Imagine having a grill inside your house 24/7. Nothing sounds better.

Indoor grills are the new way to go if you’re looking for flexibility in your grilling. In other words, if you want to dictate when to grill your steak and vegetable platters without worrying about the stormy weather or freezing temps outside, an indoor grill does the trick. Also, if you have a small apartment, an indoor grill brings fun into your home.

In this article, we’re going to look into one of the best indoor grills in the market; the Phillips Smoke-less Indoor Grill from the Avance Collection.

Phillips Smokeless Indoor Grill Review

When Phillips released this amazing indoor grill, people were, and are still excited, about the idea of grilling indoors without clogging your house with smoke. The technology integrated by this grill allows you to grill any food virtually smoke-free. This means that no matter the conditions outside of the time, you can grill and enjoy some delicacies indoors.


At 7.48 x 21.85 x 16.92 inches, the grill occupies minimal space in that you can place it on any appropriate place and start your indoor grilling.

The best part about the Phillips Smokeless Grill is the fact that the end results are as good, or even better for some food, as the ones from a traditional charcoal or gas grill.

Main Features of Phillips Smokeless Indoor Grill

  • Advanced Infrared Technology

The Phillips Indoor Grill is integrated with advanced Infrared technology which produces the heat required for cooking. This IR technology, in conjunction with the mirror-like reflectors, provides the grilling grid with evenly distributed heat for even cooking.

Infrared technology in this grill replaces gas and charcoal as the source of fuel bringing many benefits with it in the process. Unlike other grills, this grill doesn’t have many moving parts. All you have to do is connect it to an electrical outlet of the right voltage and turn it on for infrared to heat up the grid and start cooking your delicacies.

  • No need for adjustment

The Philips Smoke-less Grill comes with two heat settings, i.e., keep warm with low heat setting and the full power grilling setting. The beauty of it is that the full power setting for grilling is 446°F which is perfect for cooking meat and other foods to achieve optimal results. The grill maintains this temperature throughout the cooking process. The keep-warm function also maintains the temperature as required to keep your food warm without overcooking it as you wait to serve it.

With the pre-set heat settings, no continues adjustment is required which creates convenience. Simply place your food on the grid, after preheating, and cook with minimal effort.

  • Smoke-Free

Gas and electric grills are associated with smoke when cooking which is why they’re only suitable for outdoor grilling. With the infrared cooking technology integrated in this grill, you can cook without worrying about clogging your place with smoke. The drip tray beneath the grid also remains cool which also contributes to smokeless cooking.

However, it’s good to note that this grill eliminates only 80% of the smoke associated with grilling. The grill produces virtually no smoke. It’s good to open up some windows, turn on the air filters, or the range smoke extractor to eliminate the barbecue smell or any minimal smoke that may be produced.

  • Easy Cleaning Process

The Philips smokeless grill is easy to clean up after use. This is because the grill has nonstick surface which requires minimal effort to clean up. As a non-stick grill, additional oils are not necessary during cooking. Any excess oils produced by the food being grilled drop to the drip tray which is detachable and easy to clean.

The patented design of the grill minimizes side splattering which is a plus as less grease and oil is thrown around for you to clean.

The detachable parts are also dishwasher safe which makes the grill more convenient.

  • Easy Setup

The Phillips Smokeless Grill comes with easy to assemble parts. The parts are not humongous and they require minimal effort to put together and start grilling. This is unlike most gas and charcoal grills which require tools and are tedious to set up.

This grill requires minimal space to set up and it can be placed anywhere with enough open space, but not below cabinets.


• Maintains temperature at 446°F for even cooking
• Fast and easy setup
• Easy to clean as it has non-stick surfaces
• It’s virtually smokeless
• Can be used indoors or outdoors
• Allows grilling anytime despite the conditions outdoors
• Made of heavy-duty, durable materials
• Detachable parts are dishwasher safe
• Suitable for cooking any type of food
• Occupies minimal space
• Utilizes advanced infrared technology which is food safe

• Some people prefer adjustable temperature settings for slow or fast cooking
• Not 100% smokeless
• If grease spatters on the reflectors, it’s a bit difficult to clean
• Expensive


Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill retails for around $200-300. (Click Here for Latest Price)  The high cost of this appliance is directly related to the technology it utilizes to cook, the high-quality food-safe materials it utilizes, and its durability. The cost is worth all the benefits associated with it.

How does Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill work?

This grill makes use of advanced infrared technology to cook. This technology is aimed at minimizing smoke emission to allow indoor grilling.

The way the grill works is really simple. Once you’ve assembled the grill, connect it to an appropriate power outlet and turn on. Make sure you place it in an open space. Let it pre-heat for about six minutes before placing food in the grill. The grill gets heat evenly and maintains it at 446°F thanks to the IR technology in combination with the heat reflectors. After preheating, start grilling until your delicacies are cooked as required.

If you want your food to stay warm, simply turn the grill to keep-warm temperature settings.

Is there any alternative to the Philips indoor grill?

Yes, there’s an alternative. For those who like having control over the temperature settings, the Power Smokeless Grill is a perfect choice for you.

Features of the Power Smokeless Grill

• Has a built-in turbo-speed smoke extractor for smoke elimination
• Comes with extra accessories (interchangeable plates)
• Has non-stick surface
• Has detachable parts for easier cleaning
• Its dishwasher safe
• Smart temperature controls – up to 450°F. This allows you to cook at ideal temperatures, depending on the type of food, for optimal results.
• It’s less expensive than the Phillips indoors grill
• It’s a grill and griddle combination for versatility


What is a smokeless indoor grill?

A smokeless indoor grill is a grill that allows you to cook your barbecue indoors without emitting virtually any smoke. Such a grill utilizes advanced technology such as infrared technology which has minimal to null smoke emission when cooking.

Is Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill safe?

Yes, the Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill is safe. All the parts are food safe and they contain no toxic substances. It’s also safe to use indoors as the infrared technology emits virtually no hazardous smoke.

Is the Philips Indoor Grill really smokeless?

Philips indoor grill only eliminates 80% of the smoke emitted by charcoal and gas grills. This percentage is a lot but as it suggests, the grill is not completely smokeless. The smoke it emits is dependable on the type of food being cooked.

How to clean Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill?

After cooking, let the grill cool down before you begin the cleaning process. Detach the removable parts and clean them softly with soap and a bristle brush. You can soak them to make cleaning easier. You can also clean the detachable parts with the dishwasher.

Incase grease spatters on the interior parts, wipe them using liquid ceramic cooktop cleaner to remove it. Keep in mind that the unit cannot be dipped in water.

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