Power Smokeless Grill Reviews

So you want to grill up a couple of steaks or veggies, but it’s too cold inside to do it.

Under no circumstances should you take your outdoor grill inside. Traditional grills put off a lot of smoke, which is very harmful to those with asthma or other breathing problems. When you’re outside, the fresh air can clear the smoke away—but indoors, you’re susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning.

But don’t worry—your grilling days aren’t over just because the leaves are starting to fall! With the right smokeless grill by Power, you can enjoy your healthy, flavorful grilled foods all year long. Read on for our Power smokeless grill review.

About the Power smokeless grill

But first, what is a smokeless grill? Well, grilling allows you to use high heat to sear food to delicious, flavorful results. It’s a great method for cooking veggies, steaks, chicken, fish… some grilled fruits are even quite good!


But when you’re grilling indoors using power, the smoke from the grill is a major problem. That’s why you need a Power smokeless grill. It has all the health and flavor benefits of outdoor grilling while virtually eliminating the harmful smoke that comes with it. You just plug it in, press the button to preheat the grill and fans, and cook your food at an even temperature. The result is fast, healthy, delicious dinner (or breakfast, with the interchangeable griddle plate)—and with this smokeless grill from Power, the cleanup is easy, too!

This grill is reasonably priced and offers many more features than its competitors. Keep reading to find out more about those features.

How does the Power smokeless grill work?

The Power smokeless grill depends on its Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology. Remember we said smoke was the biggest hurdle to indoor grilling? This grill’s built-in fans suck all the smoke and odor out of your cooking area. Plus, it comes with a water tray underneath the grill. You’ll add 2 cups of water to the tray during the easy setup process, and then the water absorbs the leftover smoke.

The result is an almost completely smokeless cooking experience which leaves behind very little residue on the dishwasher-safe grill and griddle plates. Set your food’s cooking temperature, let it preheat (for only four to six minutes), cook your food, and clean up quickly. It’s so easy to use! (You’ll find a chart with the ideal cooking temperatures and times in your user manual.)

While you don’t have to use the silicon-sealed glass lid, we do recommend it, as it will help keep a consistent cooking temperature, seal in flavor, and prevent splatter. In addition, metallic cooking utensils are not recommended; use wood or silicon spatulas to add, move, or remove your food as necessary.

Of course, this is a cooking device, and normal kitchen safety rules apply. There is a full list of operating rules in the accompanying user manual, but use common sense. For example, if you heat the grill and then put your hands in it, you’ll grill your hands… and that’s not usually a good idea. The grill is also not intended for use by children—especially without parental supervision. And do make sure you’re cooking your food to a safe internal temperature!

Power Smokeless Grill Features

So what makes the Power smokeless grill different from other smokeless grills on the market?

Design & Size

At 13.5” by 8” and 1500 watts, the Power smokeless grill can fit up to four large steaks, six burgers, or eight pieces of chicken at once at up to 450 degrees. That’s a lot of food!

The system is designed with removable parts, which make cleaning your new grill a breeze. A water tray sits under your grill and heating element, helping to absorb all the smoke from your food. And under that, you have the base of the grill, with the fan and its cover attached.

But the best part of this grill’s design has to be the interchangeable plates. While the normal grill plate is wonderful for cooking up some meats or veggies for dinner, the griddle plate is an absolute necessity for breakfast. Cook pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, and more using the same device you’ll use for dinner later! Both grill and griddle are made from heavy duty die-cast aluminum with Ceramic-Tech nonstick coating.

This grill also comes with a glass lid to sit atop your grill plate, conveniently allowing you to monitor the progress of your meal as it’s cooking. And the lid is silicon-sealed!

Oh, and did we mention the drip tray? One of the things that makes grilling such a great form of cooking is that the high temperatures melt away much of the fat within your food. All that fat goes below your grill surface into a convenient drip tray. By collecting the fat in a drip tray, you can keep it off of your food for a lean dinner, or you can use it as a base to cook gravy or another food that maintains the flavor of your meat. Is your mouth watering yet?

Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology

The success of the Power smokeless grill depends on its Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology. See, the amount of smoke your food gives off depends on the temperature, type of food, fat content, and anything else you put on it like spicing or marinade.

Traditional grills give off a lot of smoke, which gives your food a nice smoky flavor. You can’t have all that carbon monoxide in your home, though. So the Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor steps in to remove the smoke and maintain your breathable air through two methods:

  1. The fans on the bottom of the grill suck out all the smoke from the atmosphere
  2. 2. The pan of water inside the grill absorbs the remaining smoke

It’s an ingenious system that you won’t find on any other smokeless grill.


Setup for the Power smokeless grill couldn’t be easier. Simply take it out of the box, and wash the lid, grill plates, drip trays, and collection pan with warm soapy water. You should also wipe the inside and outside of the base unit with a clean, moist cloth. Do not wash the heating element or electric fan, and do not submerge the base unit in water.

Once your new unit is nice and clean, you’ll fill the water tray with about 2 cups of water and reassemble, using either your grill or griddle plate. Then you attach the power cord, set the temperature and fan, and let it preheat for 4-6 minutes. You’ll go from unboxing to cooking in 30 minutes or less!

But don’t worry, there isn’t a quiz on this; you’ll receive both a quick-start guide and a user’s manual with your purchase to help you set up and maintain your new smokeless grill.

Nonstick Grilling Surface

There’s a lot to love about a classic cast iron pan, but have you ever tried to clean one? Scrubbing and scraping and hand-drying a cast iron or other grill surface is an absolute pain. But not the Power smokeless grill! Both your grill and griddle surfaces are covered in Ceramic-Tech nonstick coating. Nothing will stick to the surface or leave residue behind on your grill. The non-stick surface also means you don’t have to spray any oils or butter in order to cook your food, leaving a much healthier product.

Cleaning Process

One of the other huge advantages to the Power smokeless grill is that the cleaning process could not be easier. Both the griddle and grill plates are removable, meaning you can put them in the sink for easy washing (once they’re cool, of course). But as an added support, you can also put these grill plates directly into the dishwasher!

You’ll also want to clean out the drip tray after every use, or to save the drippings for use in other cooking. The glass lid will need washing, too.

Just be sure you unplug the device after cooking (don’t just turn it off), and then wait 30 minutes before handling or cleaning.


Pros & Cons

There are so many pros to the Power smokeless grill!

  • The interchangeable grill or griddle surfaces let you cook breakfast or dinner conveniently and with a delightful smoky flavor.
  • Both surfaces are coated with nonstick Ceramic Tech to make cleanup a breeze.
  • Many parts of this grill are also dishwasher safe.
  • The Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology combines high-power fans to blow away smoke with a water tray to absorb it. The result is a virtually smoke-free cooking experience.
  • Using a smokeless grill can be an extremely healthy, delicious way to prepare your meals.
  • Plus, it’s big enough to cook a meal for the whole family!

However, it does come with a couple of cons as well.

  • The Power smokeless grill goes from 220 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If your recipe requires more or less power than that, you’ll have to adjust the cooking time.
  • Some Power smokeless grill reviews suggest that the smoky taste might not be quite as strong in the indoor version as it would be with outdoor grilling, depending on what you’re cooking.

Product Cost

The Power smokeless grill is available on Amazon today less than $100 (click here for the latest price), and comes with free Amazon shipping. It isn’t the cheapest smokeless grill you can buy on Amazon, but we take pride in that fact; the cheaper the unit, the less care and attention goes into making it. We think you’ll find that this smokeless grill, unlike some of our competitors, is built to last and to live up to its promises. It’s also by far not the most expensive smokeless grill, either—but we don’t think the higher priced options can offer anything more than we can. Here’s why.


For an example of a higher-priced product that does not live up to the Power smokeless grill reviews, check out the Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill, Avance Collection. Like the Power grill, this grill also boasts virtually no smoke during the cooking process. And it’s a healthy way to cook, too; the fat is separated during grilling for leaner meats (or so you can save it for cooking things like gravy). It also has a removable tray for easy, dishwasher-safe cleaning.

However, even at over twice the price tag as the Power smokeless grill, this grill does not also come with an optional griddle. Plus, the grill is not non-stick, so cleanup will be much more difficult. And you can’t adjust the temperature on this unit; all food cooks at the same 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently asked questions

– What is the size of the Power smokeless grill?
The Power smokeless grill is 13.5” by 8”. You can cook up to four large steaks, six burgers, or eight pieces of chicken at once. Plenty of food for the whole family!

– How much is a Power smokeless grill?
The Power smokeless grill costs $89.99, with free shipping for Amazon orders. That’s very comparable to other smokeless grills on the market—cheaper than many of our competitors, but not so cheap that we had to skimp on quality.

– Is the Power smokeless grill really smokeless?
Yes! Due to the Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology (which combines the water pan and high-power fans, this unit will give off virtually no smoke—and far less smoke than its competitors.


We hope you’ve found this Power smokeless grill review informative and that you now feel qualified to purchase this amazing device. It can revolutionize the way you make dinners. This grill also makes an excellent gift for housewarming parties, weddings, or Christmas—whether or not the recipient is a chef. There really isn’t a better option to buy a smokeless grill in 2019. Get one (or five) today!

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